Our New Sport Coordinator (Spring 2018)

The voting link for our Sport Coordinator for next Spring is closed.

We are glad to announce that Arturo Capilla will be IISE’s next Sport Coordinator.

IISE would like to thank all of our outstanding candidates, Vivi Linares, Danny Akel, and Arturo Capilla. Because of your good performance, IISE’s voting event was very successful and was be able to get many IE students involved with the organization. The voting results were very close.

We want to congratulate Arturo Capilla. We are very excited to work with you next semester.

IMG_2354 (1)

Arturo Capilla

“Your Next Sports Coordinator!”

I am a senior in the Industrial Engineering program. Sports is a passion of mine! I am incredibly involved in soccer and various other sports such as baseball, basketball, and football, whether it’s watching or playing.  I played four years of soccer in high school and currently play in a Sunday league on the weekends. I am familiar with organizing and rallying a team together for a game, as I did this past summer with my coworkers.

I am excited to unite IE students together and get them motivated to participate in various sports related socials that I have planned. I am also eager to connect with other engineering organizations for intramural games. I already have a connection with officers in NSBE as well as SHPE. I am in close association with someone that can provide us exclusive access to Dynamos tickets as well as possible Rockets tickets.

I know with many of us graduating in the spring everyone is stressed and looking for some release. So, we could get more members out to joint tailgating events that will provide us more exposure and better member engagement.  I have faith in the potential that IISE has and I am looking forward to aiding in the development of that full potential